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Singer, Songwriter, Recording artist

Cape Town, South Africa / Zürich, Switzerland

B.F.K aka Brownian-Flokid, born Lee-Gavin Williams, 27 April 1988, Cape Town, South Africa. Bsc Honours Winebiotechnology. Inspired by artists such as Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and DMX, I started rapping at the age of thirteen. In high school (Gordon High), I used to freestyle in the back of the classroom with some of my best friends and people started saying that I was that kid with great potential as far as music (hip-hop) was concerned. I've kicked on ever since... I started recording my own music at the age of 15. At this time, I did a solo project using the most basic equipment (PC mic worth less than R100, a set of earphones worth less than R50, Reason 2 and Cubase sx) with my best friend Evan Zerf a.k.a (EVO). We got mixed responses from people who listened to our music and, although we knew that we had something special going, we also knew that we had a hell of a lot of work to do to reach where we were trying to be at "THE TOP!" Ever since then, we've been producing tons of music with each new batch of tracks many levels better than the previous. What keeps us going and motivated is that we always see progress in some way or another so we know were getting better day by day. In 2007, I started working with another of my best friends, Jovan Fourie a.k.a (J-Beatz) whom I believe has taken this production thing to a whole other level... Every response this guy gets from musical professionals (producers and MC's) is good therefore we see many more who are interested in collaborating with us. As a group, I believe that we are the most creative minds in this South African music industry and we're finding ways, many ways to turn that creativity into game-changing music.


My previous projects include an "untitled mixtape" dropped around 2004 and a mixtape titled "Wax 2009" dropped in 2009. I'll be dropping two projects in 2011, one titled "The I want you to know mixtape" featuring production from both EVO and J-Beatz and also featuring
artists such as Foul-Play, SOV, Tujay Harmoniquez, KS Decency, Explose' and Joneve. The other mixtape will be titled "The instrumental mixtape" where I tear up 8-10 of my favourite
instrumentals of all time with sick punchlines such as "Won't stop this hustle till I'm writing cheques with seven O's... Maybe I'll see 2pac before..? Only heaven knows" and "I'm the best alive, I have more bars than death has lives... I have more heart in my chest than techs and nines... have bullets". These mixtapes will definitely be a wake up call for all artists who have the chance to listen because we're coming out swinging with iron fists this time.

I've done performances on many occasions, in front of many a versatile crowd (including 100 qualified scientists, high school performances and club performances) and I have to say I thoroughly enjoy it... There's nothing better than a crowd responding positively to live performance, I experience great fulfilment from such encounters and I look forward to doing many more live performances, including live production from my affiliate producer J-Beatz.

As far as the future is concerned... WE'RE IT! We see the game in a way no other group sees it and hopefully we can share our vision with the world in the very near future...

BFK "ANYWAY" (Official Video)

BFK "RESONATE" (Official Video)

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