Thabiso Phepeng aka Mzansi Artist uses a combination of postmodern African art, abstract expressionism, and graffiti influences. The mix of influences has refined a style reflected in his work through the intense focus on process as opposed to working towards a pre-planned result. He loosely describes it as “Mark Making” or “Paint for the sake of paint and colour for the sake of colour.

Born in 1981 and currently living in Zürich since Dec. 2014, having spent most of his life in South Africa, He started painting and drawing formally at the age of 11 in Thaba-Nchu, a small township town in the former landlocked Country of Bophuthatswana ( Disbanded in 1994) in an institution called Mmabana Arts and Cultural Centre. In 1999 He then went on to study Fine Art (NDip) in Tshwane University of Technology (Pretoria, South Africa). Ever since then to date he continues to practice the discipline, as the journey goes he draws a mix of influences from his experiences, surroundings, living space, relationships, and family.

Welcome to his journey of the process...

Über Thabiso Phepeng (Künstler)

Thabiso Phepeng alias Mzansi Artist bedient sich einer Kombination aus Postmoderner Afrikanischer Kunst, Abstraktem Expressionismus und Graffiti. Mit diesem Mix aus Einflüssen hat er einen Stil geschaffen, der sich in seinen Werken im intensiven Fokus auf den Prozess (im Gegensatz zum Hinarbeiten auf ein geplantes Ergebnis) zeigt. Er beschreibt seine Kunst lose als "Spuren hinterlassen" oder "Farbe um der Farbe Willen ".

Thabiso Phepeng wurde 1981 in Südafrika geboren und verbrachte dort die meiste Zeit seines Lebens, bevor er im Dezember 2014 nach Zürich kam. Er begann im Alter von 11 Jahren in Thaba-Nchu, einem kleinen Township im damaligen Land Bophuthatswana (1994 wieder in Südafrika eingegliedert), im Mmabana Arts and Cultural Centre fokussierter zu malen. 1999 begann er, Bildende Kunst an der Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, Südafrika, zu studieren. Seither befindet er sich auf einer fortlaufenden Reise und verarbeitet Einflüsse aus seiner Umwelt, seinen Erlebnissen, Beziehungen und seiner Familie in seinen Werken.

Willkommen zu seiner Reise durch den Prozess…



B.1977 Timaru New Zealand

Chris Garside is an artist and photographer who works from his studio in Zürich and lives in Andermatt Switzerland.


At an early age Chris was exposed to the creative community through his passion for skateboarding, street art and city life. Constantly inspired by his friends and surroundings. At age fifthteen he aquired his first anolog camera and started to document the rich culture surrounding him.


Growing up in New Zealand in a family where travel and creativity were greatly appreciated and encouraged it wasn't long before he embarked on his first journey abroad with a one way ticket to Germany and no idea what would follow!

His travels soon led him into the mountains of Austria and shortly after on a fifteen year pursuit, chasing snow and documenting the action. During this time he switched from photography to video and produced material for TV and Action sports companies.


Chris arrived in Zürich in 2011 and after stints working for swiss television, labouring on building sites and trying to figure out what to do next. He begun to photograph again. Like in his childhood he was again drawn into city life, creative types and the world of art and creativity.


Nearing the end of 2017 Garside moved away from the city and into the mountainess region of Andermatt in the swiss alps. Chris currently works between his studio in Zürich and home of Andermatt.

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