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Nasi Tautona

Graphic Designer, Content Creator, Editor,

Recording Artist, Music Entrepreneur

Hash One Committee Entertainment

I am an open-minded creative who strives to keep pushing my work further through learning, observing and understanding people and the world.


I am determined, ambitious and goal-driven with a desire to learning and exploring new methodologies in order to articulate concepts clearly. As a visual artist and musician, my main interests lie in developing visually stimulating and engaging content within various artistic spaces. I am a character that holds the ability to spark creativity, inspire, as well as be inspired by the people around me.


My strengths as an innovative and creative mind is sharing ideas geared to improving situations and problem-solving; I believe no task is impossible to overcome. I believe that positive thinking, perseverance, determination and hard work are a few of the attributes required in achieving success in the modern, fast-paced, music industry.

IG: @nasi_tautona


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