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Pule Welch

Verbal Artist / Multidisciplinary Artist

Johannesburg, South Africa

Pule Welch is a researcher in indigenous linguistics, a scholar of cultural history of Southern African speech practice, as well as an advocate of the writing systems of the continent, such as IsiBheqe SoHlamvu. His work is through the verbal arts as a speaker, writer, and an actor in the theatre or television. His MA research encompasses cryptolects or secret forms of speech.

His major advocacy work includes linguistic consultancy foregrounding marginal language practice, and travelling as a speaker to introduce the subject of technologies of writing of the continent promoting the  IsiBheqe SoHlamvu (Ditema tsa Dinoko) featural syllabary as a system of more accurately representing local language forms which is outside the colonial processes. His views on linguistic typology are meronomic rather that taxonomic, meaning he does not see language as separable into units called "languages" but rather engages the idea of Language as a being part of social studies by saying: the naming of languages is a way of creating hierarchy that is not present in Language itself. Under this view, the writing system is also a political tool for cultural unity across the region through a single shared literacy, and the promotion of nonstandard language practice is a creative methodology.



IG: @ngxe_parthood

IG: @lepuwana


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